J. Battista Plumbing And Heating
Branchville, NJ

Phone: (973) 875-7078
Fax: (973) 875-7588

Lic. # 7775


Heard It through the Plumb Line

At Battista Plumbing And Heating, we are proud of the work that we do. Read what one of our customers has to say about our services in the testimonial below.

A Vendor That Cares About Professionalism and Service! Hands Down!

“True story – this is a testimonial on behalf of J Battista Plumbing & Heating. I made a service call for our heater’s exhaust fan. It was diagnosed as defective and a new part was ordered. The new part arrived late (from the manufacturer) but I did get a call it was in and scheduled an appointment for the install. Well, late one evening, I heard our exhaust fan seize and I had to make an emergency call. I was called later that same evening and they accommodated me with an emergency appointment the very next morning. TRUE! They were concerned for my safety and the safety and comfort of my children. This is not only a company that is responsive but it also a company that truly cares. So, whether it is cooling, heating or plumbing; they aim to please. That is truly refreshing and rare in modern times when you speak or give a testimonial about a contractor.” By R Serrano - 11/01/2011

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